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TOPdesk 2022 Annual Report

Your Epic Journey Starts Here!

Welcome to TOPdesk’s 2022 Annual Report!

I’m Robbie, your TOPdesk backpack (some of you might even recognize me from their own GOT bag). I’ll show you my past year's adventures and all the great memories I want to carry with me into the new year. Let’s look back on TOPdesk’s 25th year, zip through the numbers, and relive some happy moments! Swipe, or use the right and left arrow keys on your keyboard, to explore the world of TOPdesk with me. For the best experience, check out the annual report on your desktop PC!

Enjoy the journey!

‘On a trip to the US for TOPdesk, I tried something new! Now I take my diving gear everywhere.’
Wouter Vanden Bergh, Business Controller, Belgium

Our colleagues at the Norwegian office love doing fun things together before and after work, like ice bathing and morning swims. Brrr!

“Essentially, everyone at TOPdesk wants the same thing: help each other move forward, and do the same for TOPdesk.”

Read the full interview with our CEO, Wolter Smit.

Read Wolter's interview here

At TOPdesk, we never stop growing and blooming. Let’s have a look at the numbers. This forest shows the amount of customers we work with in each country where we operate. An impressive number... and still counting!

TOPdesk Germany is the newest sponsor of FC Kaiserslautern at the Fritz-Walter-Stadion. And that’s not the only sports team we sponsor in Germany! The FCK e-sport team, FC Bierbach, and the Cavemen Villingendorf baseball team are all winning games with the TOPdesk logo on their shirts.

Keen on working at TOPdesk? In summary, it looks something like this.

At TOPdesk, we love innovation. This year we signed a deal for a three-year Diamond Partnership with the Brunel Solar Team in Delft, the Netherlands.

‘I’m from an artistic background, so being supported in a career that has taken me through Sales, Marketing, HR, Recruitment, and more has been hugely rewarding and quite remarkable.’
David Cape-Brown, Head of Culture & Engagement, UK.
‘I see TOPdesk as a pool of chances: as long as you’re contributing to the greater good of the TOPdesk community, the pool is almost infinite.’
Boróka Béres, Product Owner, Hungary.

Meet the techie TOPdesker: the one that never travels without access to the internet, their phone and laptop, and all types of chargers, cables and dongles. They leave nothing to chance. Always staying connected! With their selfie stick and polaroid camera, they take the best pictures.

Meet the practically-minded TOPdesker: the one that has everything you didn't even think of packing. Does your journey at some point require sunscreen, band-aids, a hair straightener or duct tape? Don't look any further. Their backpack is like Mary Poppins’ bag! I bet there's half a library in there as well.

Meet the gourmet traveller: that one TOPdesker who always brings food and guides you to the best restaurants. What’s in their backpack? Chips, snacks, sweets, the ingredients for their favourite cocktail, and some local beers. Oh, and a show-stopping outfit! Because they might end up in a fancy restaurant.

Meet the adventurer: the TOPdesk colleague who doesn’t like to sit still. They are always on the lookout for thrills, either high up in the mountains or under the sea. Their bags bulge with diving gear, climbing shoes and pocket knives. Staying in a hotel? Lame. Here’s to another camping trip!

Meet the sentimental TOPdesker: the one that’s willing to make a difference in other people's lives and thrives on sweet memories. Their favourite travelling partner would be some soulful creature that never leaves their side. In their backpack? Childhood plushies, peace of mind, and room for souvenirs.

In 2022, we started the process of making our car fleet more sustainable! In the Netherlands, 17 out of 87 cars are now electric and we have ordered 23 more. Within three years, we’ll only drive electric.

Every branch has its particular fringe benefits that make the journey even more epic. Let’s spin the wheel and discover some of them!

Everyone at the Australian office participated in runs to support wellness and mental health causes this year, running 5 km, 10 km, and even a half marathon!

The German office takes part in an annual company run through the city of Kaiserslautern.

TOPdesk Belgium has a dedicated calendar just to show when people are bringing their dogs to the office.

TOPdesk Belgium celebrated its 15th birthday and welcomed its 300th customer in 2022. Congratulations!

At TOPdesk, we’re proud of our referral system for hiring new colleagues. We’re happy to recommend that our friends join TOPdesk!

The Denmark office has a fun game called Friday ball. It has crazy rules and shouted distractions and always ends in a riot, with colleagues doing push-ups all day. We usually end up with 30 to 60 push-ups per person – the record is 420!

We love karaoke at TOPdesk!

At TOPdesk, we love good food. If possible, it's all healthy, fair trade and local!

Many of our offices have a dedicated lunch team. The focus is on reducing food waste and lowering food miles by buying local products. We also offer vegetarian and vegan meals every day.

In the Dutch office, we have purchased no less than 7,058 kilograms of food through Instock last year. Instock is our partner that saves food that otherwise would not be sold. This means we saved:

4,737 m2 of land

1,347,866 litres of water

10,735 kg C02 emissions

We’re passionate about sustainability and we work together to make our offices as green as we can. We use eco-friendly materials, sort our waste and recycle as much as possible.

Did you know that TOPdesk has a Diversity & Inclusion guild and even an international Diversity & Inclusion week? We educate ourselves about inclusivity and put that learning into practice. Talent is hired solely based on skills: we simply hire the best candidate for the job and let everyone be themselves.

TOPdeskers in the Netherlands travelled 474,915 kilometres by train in 2022. In doing so, we saved 53 tonnes of CO2 compared to travelling the same distance by car. That is equivalent to 2,650 trees.

TOPdesk was a sponsor of quite a few events worldwide this year. Here are some pictures from events in Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Australia and Germany!

‘I’m a relative dinosaur at TOPdesk, but I’m still given chances to grow and to do new things that pull me out of my comfort zone.’
Michiel Otting, Interim Executive Customer Care, the Netherlands

Every November, we grow moustaches, bake cakes, and attempt all kinds of challenges to raise funds and increase awareness about men’s health. We raised €17,095 this year!

‘I met my wife at TOPdesk, which I think was pretty epic. All the other stuff I’ve done at TOPdesk pales in comparison.’
Mark Herrewijnen, Information Security Specialist, the Netherlands.

In Delft, our barista Chiara remembers everyone’s order, and there are almost 500 of us!

We have 14 offices in 11 countries. How many have you visited?

The Dutch office’s Mario Kart room is used almost constantly from lunchtime to the end of the workday. A motion sensor allows us to check if the room is available from any workstation.

It’s amazing to see the transformation the Hungarian office has undergone over the years: from 20 people in a flat to nearly 90 people working together in a lovely office building.

The weather in sunny Florida is an added perk at our American office.

Colleagues from several offices go skiing and snowboarding together every year in March. In 2022, we went to Les Deux Alpes in France.

Did you know that bouldering is one of the most popular sports among TOPdeskers in the Netherlands? We even held a competition this year!

At TOPdesk, we like to challenge ourselves, also in terms of sports! That’s why we participate in obstacle runs several times a year. Who doesn’t like rolling around in the mud?

The Decompression Space in the Brazilian office is a great place to chill out and chat with colleagues.

The office in Kaiserslautern has a donkey in its back garden. His name is Fritz.

For the first time in three years, we had a real Summer Party once again! Dressed up as Bridgerton starlets and enticing Jane Austen characters, we played games and had a fun party with colleagues from all over the world. It was quite epic, and so is the after movie. Find out for yourself!

We like to organize flashy get-togethers and parties throughout the year. Dancing legs? We have them!

We live by our six-word story: helping people, enabling opportunities, elevating lives. That’s why we gloat at the sight of these scores from customers and employees alike.

Learn, Grow & Connect: these are the three key concepts that ensure every new TOPdesk colleague in the Netherlands gets the most out of their first year at TOPdesk – and the years that follow. Learn, Grow & Connect is the brand-new starter programme to kick off a memorable and valuable TOPdesk journey!

In the past twelve months, we registered more than 2,300 hours of volunteer work. And that’s only in The Netherlands! Other countries also contribute to the good cause.

In 2022, we have gone from serving our customers 75 TB of data per month to 101 TB per month. Remember those good old CDs from back in the day? They contained 700MB, so that’s 142,857 of them!

We have 7,035 TOPdesk Software as a Service (SaaS) environments running, of which 99,4 per cent is updated automatically. We love having our customers enjoy our latest features!

In 2022, we had a total of  363 tonnes of CO2 emissions in the Netherlands. In this graph you can see the breakdown of this consumption.

Wondering which clients we enjoyed working with in 2022? These collaborations really stood out.

Last year, we surpassed the somewhat magical milestone of one hundred partner integrations in the TOPdesk software. Our clients can now use TOPdesk for digital signing, integrated QR codes, automated test processes, and much more. They’re all to be found in the TOPdesk marketplace.

Our TOPdesk software is built in Java and JavaScript. Last year, our developers added 61,375 lines of Java code and 22,354 lines of JavaScript! In total, we now have 2,345,846 lines of Java code, and 351,495 rules of JavaScript.

We are right in the middle of the transition from a monolithic architecture to a service-based architecture, and this year we have migrated 6,641 lines of JavaScript out of our old TOPdesk monolithic architecture.  

No idea what this all means? Doesn't matter. The only thing you need to know is that it all results in a more stable and faster experience for our customers.

TOPdesk Developers are based in our offices in Delft, Tilburg, Kaiserslautern, Copenhagen and Budapest. Together, they have fixed 731 out of 791 reported bugs in Jira in 2022.

Last year, we have generated : 53,880 kW/h of energy with our own solar panels.

Did you know that we host so-called lightning internships? Children join us on the journey for one day to learn what it is like working at a software company. They get the opportunity to ask us loads of questions.

The Delft office donated 72 laptops and 71 PCs to people that cannot afford one.

Lots of TOPdesk offices have roof terraces. Our roof terrace in Oslo even has an ocean view and a barbecue!

Where would we be without them? Look at those awesome ratings for our customer care!

In 2023, we want to grow towards a turnover of 100 million EUR.

“TOPdesk’s true success lies in having pursued social change and having inspired others along the way.”

Wolter Smit, CEO TOPdesk.

Let's see what all TOPdesk offices are looking forward to in the future. The astronaut will show them all to you!

In 2023, we’ll be working towards our three worldwide goals! First, we want to welcome even more new customers. Second, serve all of our customers tangible product value every day. Last, continuously pursue employee growth. What does that mean? Hiring new people while also investing in everyone already working at TOPdesk!

Hooray for our developers that keep our product growing! In 2022, we celebrated 15 years of development in Germany. Team Barbarossa was the first development team outside of the Netherlands.

To be able to face the future, our development department keeps on growing. Say hello to Team Hermes: a brand-new team that will push our software's performance to new heights.